mileslunamoon asked: joel heyman or miles luna

mileslunamoon asked: joel heyman or miles luna

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My life is a progress bar. Words of wisdom from Ryan on this week’s T-Shirt Tuesday!

make me choose : Joel or Booker [requested by BONESMCOY]

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Ray’s breakdown in Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #3

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Stand Alone [x]

don’t you fucking wink at me you sack of cute

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*Here’s every font that I could find for RT’s Shows
*all the font downloads are free! 
*Meta Plus Black is meant to have a width of 90%, it’s confirmed.*

Jenkins v2.0 (rvb) ||        Meta Plus Black (rt) ||
Bank Gothic Light, ||     BG Medium, BG Bold (ah) ||
RWBY (fan font)    ||          Minecraftia (lpmc) ||
Pricedown (lpgtav) ||           Brannboll (lp, x) ||